I regularly witness just how damaging the fast-paced corporate environment can be to health. In response, I have developed a suite of tailored services supporting businesses aiming to improve employees’ physical health, allowing them to maintain their busy work schedules. The advantages to employers of my nutritional service provision include reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and decreased staff turnoverCommonly requested services include: 


These workshops focus on appropriate nutritional responses to a wide range of patterns typical in the average workplace. In particular, I work on identifying – and breaking – the familiar vicious cycle in which caffeine and sugar-driven energy highs are followed by crashing energy lows. Correlative fluctuations in levels of mental alertness and acuity affect employees’ productivity, as well as leading to broader health issues such as weight gain and high blood pressure.

My workshops provide employees with expert advice about the dietary and lifestyle factors contributing to their health issues, and offer practical suggestions about dietary changes which will help them break negative nutritional cycles and keep up in the fast-paced corporate environment.

The right nutritional advice will help both you and your employees achieve:

  • Optimal energy levels
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Increased immunity
  • Decreased burnout  
Detox talk - Jan 


I can also provide private nutritional consultations in-house to work one-to-on with your staff on the development of a personalised nutrition plan tailored to their individual health needs. These consultations may be paid for by employees directly or subsidised by the company.


I offer specialist advice to companies wishing to provide a healthier food selection to their employees either through changes to their existing menus or via a more thorough revision of their catering provision.

For more information or to discuss your company’s requirements in further detail, please email me at jess@thenutritionalconnection.com or fill out the contact form on the ‘Contact & Bookings‘ page.

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