Client Testimonials


Jess is simply extraordinary.


I have encountered several nutritionists from London, Hong Kong and Canada, and I can truly say she is the most helpful by far. Not only she is responsive, she gives useful advice and owns remarkable charisma. Nonetheless, I truly appreciate her patience; as I am often considered to be the ‘extreme busy bee’, which makes me fairly difficult to work with. It was my pleasure to have met her and allowing her to guide me towards better health. Trust her and yourself, and she will help you to achieve your physical goal.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Stephanie Ng, Student - May, 2014, GOAL - Loose weight – feel fit and look fit and be at whatever weight that is.

I came to see Jess because I wanted to start structuring my diet to help supplement a physical training regime to gain body mass and increase fitness as well as help control any inflammatory reactions going on due to chronic back issues.


I found Jess to be very attentive and detailed as she looked at some of the best options for me, and she has that unique ability to simplify some complex nutritional topics into manageable actions. Plus she’s just a genuinely nice person to be around. We swiftly identified my goals and Jess followed up with some quick & accessible (& tasty) menu options and day-to-day principles. I’m already noticing the improvement in energy levels and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in knowing more about what, how and when they should eat!


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Nick Hooper, Propositions Manager - Vubiquity - March, 2014, GOAL - Gain body mass and increase fitness

I came to see Jess because I really had fallen off the wagon in regards to eating healthy and exercise. I wasn’t taking any vitamins or supplements and my main goal was to get back on track in terms of my diet and I really wanted to reduce my body fat percentage.


Jess’s approach and suggestions were very easy. She sat down and went through what I was eating and what I should be eating but she also went through WHY it was important which I thought was really great. The suggested diet was fantastic and put me in a great routine.


My food and supplement plan was amazing…really easy to follow. The thing I struggled most with was the organising of food at the beginning of the week, but over time this has become a lot easier. Jess definitely listened and supported me. I emailed her a couple of times after to ask her for suggestions and she happily responded.


I was a bit dubious about taking supplements that cost more than your average Boots supplement but thought, right I will give it a go for a couple of months. I really love them now, I have more energy, sleep better, wake up more refreshed and generally my well-being has improved…and I am only 26! I am on USANA’s multi-vitamin and fish oil and I can’t recommend them enough.


I would definitely recommend Jess’s services to others, I’m already going back to book again!


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Joe Treacy, Graduate recruitment - March 10, 2014, GOAL - Increase muscle mass, reduce body fat % and increase fitness

I left my meeting with Jess feeling somewhat of a fraud. As part of a package that I signed up to last year at No1 Fitness, I was offered a “free ” consultation with a nutritionist . This nutritionist was Jess.


The meeting and consultation was so informative and beneficial, that I felt that I should have paid for the excellent advice and input that I was afforded. Prior to the consultation, I thought that I ate healthily, with the obvious weakness every so often, particularly a nice glass or two of something white and cold! I learnt so much about particular fruits and vegetables, but also when to drink or more importantly when not to, ie the night before exercise. The effort that Jess made post our session was most impressive. She sent through recipes, food plans and a load of information for me to digest.


I have continued my personal training and have benefitted greatly from the exercise and effort. I feel healthier, sleep better and happier. I have made a follow up booking with Jess as I do feel that the service she offers is totally beneficial and necessary to sit alongside the exercise. Thoroughly recommended! Thank you Jess.

*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Neil Strong, Fund Manager - March 3, 2014, GOAL - Get aerobically fitter and in all round better health, with weight loss off the abs as a side bonus
neil strong

I’d never really thought about visiting a nutritionist as I’d always thought I had a healthy attitude to food, was not overweight and ate a balanced diet. Speaking to Jess confirmed this but it became clear that, with a few simple ‘tweaks’ I could improve my energy levels, train my body to burn fat rather than store it and fix some of my minor niggles such as fingernails that peeled easily and dry lips. Jess taught me about acid and alkaline foods and explained the importance of maintaining my blood sugar levels by combining protein, fibre and healthy fats in every meal (and snack!). I’ve never been a calorie-counter (nor did I want to become one) and I was fond Jess’ approach to nutrition refreshingly sensible.


Her recipes and basic ingredient recommendations were easy to incorporate into everyday life and simple changes such as eating a better breakfast and cooking with coconut oil have now become habits. I don’t feel as though I am on a restrictive diet and if anything have become more adventurous with food and cooking - the main reason for seeing Jess was because I was about to travel with work and would have less control over what I ate.


The improvements to my energy levels and immune system have been the most striking and I have received lots of compliments on the condition of my skin, hair and nails. Losing weight was never really one of my goals but I have become noticeably leaner which means I’ve seen better results in terms of muscle tone from my exercise training programme.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Kaye Alexander, Civil Servant - February 28, 2014, GOAL - Up fitness level & get into general healthy habits to prepare for Afghanistan’s high altitudes. Loose excess fat on back and under-arms
Kaye Alexander

Jess’s approach could win over even the most hardened junk food eater! First off, our meetings always feel like a friendly chat – albeit one I come away from a little wiser! Her down to earth approach and genuine interest in her clients means she seems to know just what will suit you. There is certainly no generic, faddy advice or feeling of being lectured at. After having intolerance tests, she set out a clear 3-month path for me, in order to heal the gut and be able to reintroduce the offending foods in the future. This approach made it so much easier to stick to than thinking they were banned ‘for life’ and made me genuinely committed to it.


The only downside is the sessions always go far too fast; I could sit talking food and cooking with her all day!


As someone who had a basic level of nutrition knowledge before we met, I can honestly say I believe Jess could give insight and assistance to everyone. I have got tips, recipes and words of wisdom aplenty along the way. Truly inspiring!


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Ros Bates, Designer- February 12, 2014, GOAL - Tone up and confirm suspected food intolerances

I came to see Jess to learn how to eat for health and improved fitness. Whilst I thought my diet was healthy, the timing of my meals was not in balance, and I needed to improve my breakfasts to benefit in the gym sessions.


Jess was positive and motivating, and passionate about her work, so I felt reassured that I was in good hands. I found her realistic in that she only gave me a few ideas at first and decided to lead me in the right direction, as I have an idea that more advice will follow! I think for me the main thing was that I needed to improve my diet and shift the balance of weighting to be more in the mornings and midday and to eat less in the evening.


I have found my energy levels are a little higher and my immune system a bit better too!


I definitely would recommend Jess to others as she has been very helpful and I’ve enjoyed the recipes I’ve tried so far. I believe that her advice will lead to a better quality of life and I’m looking forward to it!

Arthur Hutson, January 20, 2014, GOAL - Learning how to eat properly for the gym and eat for positivity

Meeting with Jess has really helped me to think more positively about food and nutrition. Although I thought I was a relatively healthy eater, going through my diet with Jess was really informative. She showed me where I was going wrong and how I could improve and explained everything perfectly using analogies that are memorable and clear.


My area of concern was meal portioning but Jess instantly identified that I had become too used to eating foods which do not provide me with enough energy. Jess showed me how my diet contained far too much sugar and has provided me with some delicious recipes based on our discussion.

Lauren Stratford, Programming Executive- January 23, 2014, GOAL - Increase awareness of portion sizes


My six week transformation package has done my body wonders.


Prior to my training with No1 fitness I’d completed Insanity and P90X which both did me wonders for my fitness levels but didn’t give me the muscle definition I was looking for. After my initial consultation with Harry I knew No1 fitness could help me with my objectives of getting the lean, ripped body I was after.


In week 1 I met with Jess, their nutritionist, who gave me detailed information on what I should eat, what I should avoid, portion sizes, and when to eat. This was really useful information that will continue to have value beyond the six week transformation period.


My training with Graham and Evelyn was extremely good and undoubtedly gave me the results I was after. In every workout I was always pushed to give my all and they gave me the support and guidance to get the most out of my workouts. The workouts were varied and interesting which I really liked. Also, the gym equipment and changing facilities were among the best I’ve used.


If you’re looking for better than average results and you’re willing to work hard, I’d definitely recommend No1 fitness.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Leon Johnson, Analyst- November 29, 2013, GOAL - Increase muscle tone in arms and improved ab definition and better all round CV fitness. Work to 100% of fitness ability (rather than 70-80%)


I was referred to Jess as part of a programme with No. 1 Fitness. I found her knowledgeable and willing to accept that the demands of modern life mean we need to deviate from standard home-cooking, to more time saving, and yet still nutritious, options.


Her questions to me were poignent and I have found her recommendations positive and helpful.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Kelly Millar, Company Secretary at PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal - October 30, 2013, GOAL - drop in weight from 9st 3lbs – 8 stone


I was introduced to Jess as part of my personal training programme with No1 Fitness. Jess strikes as a knowledgeable, passionate nutritionist who is keen to help her clients achieve their nutrition goals.


During our first meeting, the questions she asked had already made me understand what I was doing wrong and Jess gave me very valuable insight into what I might be doing wrong as well as how I can improve.


By following her advice on the points I could immediately address, I have noticed within two weeks that I could stay more focused and work more effectively. Having seen the results and observing the improvement on my overall health in a short period, I am keen to follow Jess’ advice on my nutrition for the rest of my life.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Hakan Gokalp, Consulting Senior Manager - EMEA Virtual Service Delivery Lead at EMC - October 27, 2013, GOAL - get body in shape so can glide again, 105kg > 85kg


Jessica gave me impactful advice that helped me achieve the results I wanted right before my wedding day. Her advice on recipes and managing day to day nutrition have stuck with me and keep me feeling full of energy and healthy every day.

Holly Sutton, Communications consultancy owner - October 10, 2013, GOAL - more definition & muscle toning for the fast approaching wedding day!

I was introduced to Jess as a part of a fitness package that I purchased from my local gym, and I have to say that her specialist knowledge is one of the best inclusions that I could have received. Thinking that I was already a healthy eater, I was dubious about whether or not I would benefit from a meeting, though it quickly became apparent that I was wrong to assume this. It was obvious from the first minute of my consultation that Jess was not only extremely knowledgable about all aspects of nutrition, but she was incredibly passionate about it too.


One of Jess’ key strengths really shone during our meeting, and that was that she is an avid listener. Her approachable, open, and honest attitude made me feel comfortable to discuss any apprehensions I had, to which she would listen and respond in a friendly and non-patronising way (which is a rare trait when someone has that much more knowledge than you).


Whilst it was clear that our consultation was designed so that Jess could teach me about nutrition, I never felt like I was being lectured, as Jess had cleverly made it a very personalised and interactive session. By doing prior research via a detailed questionnaire, Jess had gained a great understanding of what would/wouldn’t be suitable for my plan, once again proving that the session was not a generic ‘one plan for all’ solution. Since our first meeting, Jess has been keen to discuss any queries I have had, and has gone that extra mile to draw up a weekly diet plan and supporting supplement plan to help me achieve my goals, which is something that I would not have adhered to if it weren’t for such an inspiring and informative consultation.


Importantly, the plan created is achievable, realistic and definitely effective. I am finding myself more alert, energetic and capable both at home and at work, which is a true testament to Jess given this is a result of her careful planning, and hard work.


Jess has certainly had a huge impact on the way I look at foods, and whilst I still have a very basic knowledge of nutrition, I believe that I have learned a huge amount from just a short period of time together and have been inspired to continue to learn more.


I strongly believe that if anyone is seeking any kind of nutritional advisor, Jess should be their first port of call as it’s rare that someone is so honest, fair and understanding of their clients, whilst offering such a first class service.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.


Alex Hoza, eCommerce Business Analyst - October 9, 2013, GOAL - lose the office belly and become more clued up on food & nutrition

I was introduced to Jess as part of my personal training programme with No1 Fitness. From our first meeting it was clear that Jess is passionate about nutrition and sharing her knowledge and expertise to help her clients achieve their goals.


Her approach is consultative, non-judgmental and honest. By asking questions to better understand my fitness and health objectives she developed a diet plan to complement my training. In addition she included a range of supplements to boost my recovery time and progression. In particular I found it helpful that Jess was quick to respond to my follow-up questions as I refined her advice during our initial weeks of working together.


The advice Jess provided was easy to adopt, practical (not ‘faddy’) and achievable. I experienced immediate results (e.g. more energy, mental focus, improved sleep, fat loss) as well as sustainable changes in the way I think about food – ‘eat clean’ is now an ingrained habit!


If you are thinking about improving your health and fitness I strongly suggest seeing Jess. By working with her I’ve achieved my goals and made lifelong changes to the way I think about food.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.


Tom Peters, Head of Transformation at BSkyB - August 26, 2013, GOAL - body fat reduction, improved sleep quality, more energy & better mental focus

After travelling for 4 months I had put on unwanted weight and was feeling really unhealthy and bloated. I also wanted to understand more about what foods I should be eating to be healthy weight and keep the weight off and finally curb my sugar cravings.


Jess is a professional and explained how I can improve my health and achieve my goal exceptionally well. She brought various visual aids that were personalised to me and walked me through what I should and should not be eating. The suggestions were realistic and something that I could use day to day- not some crazy diet where I felt my lifestyle would not fit into.


With the supplements and health plan Jess put together for me, I didn’t have to change my life and social life radically to make it work which was really important to me. The advice was totally tailored to me and I understood and trusted Jess on all the nutrition bites she gave to me.


I have lost weight and kept it off. Jess has taught me various things about food which I was not aware of before- i.e sugar content of certain foods and what to stop eating.


I would absolutely recommend Jess’s services to others and have done already – lots of my friends are now clients of hers and think highly of her.

Sophie Dysart, Product Developer at - August 20, 2013, GOAL - weight loss

Jessica’s approach is personable, focused and highly motivating. Her nutritional knowledge is extensive and she has a real knack for making recommendations that can be maintained in the long-term. I really enjoyed working with Jessica and already have several good habits to thank her for. 

Anna Zachariassen, Communications Advisor - August 10, 2013, GOAL - long term weight loss & learning of all round good eating habits
Anna hill

I found Jessica to be very knowledgeable in the field of nutritional therapy and she was full of practical suggestions and ideas, all of which I found easy to adapt to, and to incorporate in my everyday routine.


As a result I have achieved the outcomes that I was hoping for and I will continue to refer to the nutrition and supplement plan and advice given to me by Jessica going forward.


I am very happy with the results that I have achieved following my sessions with Jessica, especially as it was in a very short timeframe, and I would not hesitate to recommend Jessica’s services.



*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.


Claudette Gordon-Howell, Asset Manager for the not-for-profit sector - July 15, 2013, GOAL - improve physical, emotional and mental state of mind, with a weight loss side effect

I had a consultation with Jess as part of a personal training package I completed through the No.1 Fitness Studio. She took the time to understand me and my lifestyle which meant the advice I received was very specific and helpful as opposed to lots of general information and rules which can seem meaningless. She is pragmatic and understands everyday life so her suggestions were straightforward to adopt rather being overly elaborate. She showed me some great recipes and proved eating healthily doesn’t mean bland, boring food! I was concentrating on weight training and Jess helped me understand how best to eat to fuel my body and also recover properly in order to gain the best possible results from the programme.


Jess is down to earth and easy to talk to with a clear passion for food and nutrition, she went out of her way to provide extra information and advice following our consultation.


I would highly recommend her to anybody who has specific fitness goals or wants to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Ian Lawlor, Director at Caravel Search - July 9, 2013, GOAL - learn good long term eating habits

Jessica has introduced me to a new way of looking at nutrition which is relevant for me and can realistically fit into my lifestyle. She has worked with me to understand how the nutrition choices I make impact on several areas of my life.


Jessica clearly has a lot of knowledge in this area and a passion to help people reach their goals in a way that works for them. If you are thinking about working with Jess, go for it. She will listen, work with you and empower you.

Natalie Butler, Internal Audit at BP plc - July 4, 2013, GOAL - Increase fitness, stamina and strength
Natalie Butler

Jessica is our senior nutritionist at No1 Fitness. Since day 1 Jess has added a new dimension to the way we deliver nutrition consultations to our clients. Jess plays a huge impact on the results we get here. Clients come out of the consultation full of new motivation and a sense of direction of how they can change their life.


I would strongly recommend Jess to anyone who is looking to use a nutritional therapist. She is very passionate about what she does, reliable, and always willing to go that extra step. Proud to have her as part of our team.

Harry Thomas, Owner of No1 Fitness and PTHandbook - June 12, 2013

A refreshing and encouraging experience. Jessica is clearly passionate about her field and is a true educator.

Charles Glah, Asset Liability Management and Risk Management Consultant at BNY Mellon, GOAL - Reduce body fat from 28% to 20% - June 7, 2013

I highly recommend Jessica Scott. She is really passionate about her job. She really listens and asks the right questions, to enable you to get the best results.

Excellent nutritional plan was drawn up for me, which I have been able to stick to and enjoy.


*In collaboration with the personal trainers at No1 Fitness.

Adrian Harewood, Designer at VCG-Kestrel, GOAL - Lose fat round the middle, improve fitness and gain muscle mass - June 4, 2013

I have had digestive problems for the last 5 years, and despite seeing numerous doctors, having tests and trying various treatments, I had never found a method to treat my symptoms. My symptoms got particularly bad in January 2013 and so I decided to seek Jessica’s help to help treat my digestive issues and IBS symptoms.


I found Jessica Scott to be absolutely brilliant! I feel that I understand my body and my digestive issues a lot more after having started the treatment. The problem I have found previously with my digestive issues is that GPs tend to just provide you with over the counter drugs and do not look at the bigger picture of what might be happening. Jessica’s holistic approach meant that her suggestions were more accurate and suited me perfectly. Equally, she listened to how I wanted my treatment plan to look and put something together that worked for me.


My diet and supplement plan was explained in a very simple and clear manner which made implementing it very easy. One of the things that I like most about Jessica was the way that she really made me feel that she understood my problems; instead of focusing on the negatives, as most health practitioners I had seen did, she made me feel positive and gave me some simple ways to treat my issues.


Through the process of seeing Jessica, I have found that my symptoms have started to improve dramatically, without a doubt. Having had digestive issues for over 5 years, improving my system is a slow process, however I am confident that by continuing my treatment plan I will be able to be healthy again!!


I would most definitely recommend Jess’s services to others.

Beulah, 24, Manager of Educational Partnerships, GOAL - Help treat digestive issues and IBS symptoms - April 15, 2013
 Beulah pic


I came to Jess to seek advice about manageable ways to change my diet. I play a lot of sport and live a very active life-style however, the way I eat food is all about ‘quick and easy’ – food to keep me going, rather than a thought about any health implications. I wanted to start taking better care of my health and feel better about myself eating the right things – and maybe trying a few new things beyond chicken nuggets and chips!


Straight away I was struck by Jess’ passion for the subject. Her knowledge is incredible and this is borne out of her fascination for getting to the answer – it doesn’t seem like a job for her, she genuinely seemed to enjoy exploring the different options for me.


Jess took the time to realise the extent of my goals. While she was explaining the benefits of changing elements of my diet, she also understood the time constraints that I have in preparing meals. Jess tailored a plan for me, concentrating on meals that can be done within 30 minutes, with ingredients that are easy to hand. This meant that it was achievable for me to stick to and therefore much more motivating, as I could incorporate it into my lifestyle without changing too much. Her personalised treatment really ensured that I was able to achieve my goals over a long period, rather than simply a short term change before digressing back.


A simple but effective example of her work was changing my breakfast from Coco Pops to muesli covered in yoghurt and sultanas – meaning that the 11 o’clock energy drop and subsequent “snack time” has also disappeared! I feel much better in how I am eating, and whenever I need some new ideas to keep it interesting, Jess is only at the other end of the phone with a great new recipe for me to try.


From my perspective, small changes have made a huge difference. I have already recommended Jess to a lot of my friends and family as I have complete trust that whatever their goal or ambition, Jess’ knowledge and also visible enthusiasm will get them on that right path to achieving it.


James, 25, Accountant, GOAL - Improve diet and way of eating - May 30, 2013
James S pic cropped 

 I had been struggling for over 10 years with fatigue and ill health after having a virus I contracted ME. I was also unable to sleep. I had heard that Jess was excellent in her field as a nutritionist and desperate for someone to help me, I made an appointment for a consultation.


Jess was very sympathetic and listened as I told her about my health problems and offered a lot of helpful advice and information. She suggested taking supplements, a change in diet and a gentle exercise program.  I started these immediately and within a short period of time the improvement in my health was very noticeable.


I have more energy, sleep better and feel more in control of my health and general well-being.  I am now able to walk twice a week for 20 minutes, my diet is a lot healthier and I have the energy to enjoy my grandchildren.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Jess to others who wish to make improvements to their health and quality of life.

Maria, 58, Housewife, GOAL - More energy and better sleep- May 10, 2013

I have suffered from eczema since childhood and have always used prescription drugs to control the symptoms.  I wanted to find a way to control it without the use of prescribed drugs, in particular steroid creams. Jess was extremely friendly and approachable.  She took the time to explain the theory behind her recommendations so that I understood why we were trying certain things.


Changing one’s diet can be difficult but Jess gave some simple advice and tips for avoiding certain foods and as a bonus some delicious recipes!  The supplement plan included various vitamins, minerals and oils (oral and external) tailored specifically to my problem.  Within a couple of months she had found the right mix.


I am very happy to say that I now control my eczema through natural means and have not used prescription drugs since starting with Jess.  This includes a period during which I suffered from atopic (infected) eczema which was much worse than my regular condition.  Jess helped by advising the use of some stronger oils which soothed the skin and cured the problem without the need for antibiotics which is the usual prescribed route.  An unexpected bonus has been the dietary advice which has made me feel much healthier in general.

I would absolutely recommend your services to others

Pete, 28, Surveyor, GOAL - Control eczema without the use of prescription drugs - February 28, 2013
 pete pic

I have always been keen to find out more about everyday food and nutrition but given my work commitments and hectic lifestyle I have never been able to make the time to research into this.

Keen to change my eating habits and live a generally more healthier life style, I booked in to see Jess. I hoped to improve my general health and fitness whilst losing some weight as an added bonus.


Jess was able to offer me advice and a consultation which fitted around my schedule which was perfect. This involved some evenings and weekends which many nutritionists don’t offer making it extremely difficult for those with 9 to 5 jobs!

Jess gave me easy and practical steps to start with. She started with some key basics which were easy to follow and as I have become more interested and more confident in trying and cooking foods, some of which I hadn’t even heard of before, she provided me with recipes and practical tips. She was happy to make it as simple or as complicated as I wanted, going at a pace which suited me.


For me, what makes Jess stand out from other nutritionists was the way in which she intently listened and found out about my current lifestyle. Not once did I feel like she was reading out of a book and regurgitating a pre-canned diet , she was was genuinely interested in my specific circumstances. We then designed a plan together which specifically suited me and my lifestyle. This was key as it was realistic to me which meant I could stick to it.


Having changed my eating habits it has made me feel much healthier and happier. Previously I used to have somewhat of a permanent cold, always carrying tissues with me everywhere I went and not thinking anything of it! Making small changes has meant that my tissue stash and perma-cold have disappeared, an unexpected side effect of eating healthier! I had been to see my doctor about this issue many times previously without success, so I’m over the moon!


One of my biggest issues was that whilst I was always keen to eat healthier I didn’t know where to start! Jess helped me to come up with simple recipes and has opened my eyes to a whole host of dishes which are so easy to cook and so great to eat!


As a result of Jess’s support and advice I really have changed my lifestyle- and it was so easy to do! I would without doubt recommend her to anyone even if like me you are just looking to be that bit healthier and as a result happier!

Wendy, 25, Accountant, GOAL - Improve general health and fitness, weight loss - October, 30 2012
 wendy cropped 


I was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a side effect of my treatment, my energy levels were a lot lower compared to what they used to be and I put on two stone in weigh. I’ve always been very health conscious, but was really struggling to maintain a good diet with my low energy. I needed some support, so I called up Jess.


Jess’s approach was very thorough and sympathetic and she offered lots of practical help that finally enabled me to start a weight loss plan without always being tired. Like all new things, it took about a week to get used to the supplements, and remembering to take them! After that first initial week of adjusting to new foods and taking supplements, I began to feel the benefits and always felt like I could ask Jess questions at any time. 


I have lost the 2 stone I needed to and now have an amazing amount of energy, swimming, horse riding and yoga most days of the week and feel much more positive. I would most definitely recommend Jess’s services – anyone can see the results very soon if they follow her dietary recommendations and supplements.

Anne, 55, Company Director, GOAL - Increase energy levels and weight loss - June 15, 2012
 Anne pic 320X240


Consultancy Work Testimonials


Jessica is professional, thorough, committed and very pleasant to work with. She has provided the nutritionist’s view on the recipes included in our forthcoming book ‘Pocket Money Cookery’, Volume One and we are looking forward to working with her on the second volume and further projects. She is a valued contributor to OoberKidsRepublic’s educational activities and we thoroughly recommend her. 

Cecilia Valente, MD, Editorial OoberKidsRepublic - May 14, 2013
 ooberkidslogo jpeg 2

Jessica is passionate about nutrition whether on a personal or professional basis. We have an ongoing relationship where Jess provides a wide variety of nutritional expertise to graze. This has included both consumer communications, proposition formulation as well as nutritional calculation and testing. I’d particularly recommend Jess for her knowledge and work on compliance of the complex nutritional regulatory framework where she works with our environmental health officer.

Anthony Fletcher, CEO at - April 19, 2013

Jessica has provided valuable contributions to innovation projects in her capacity as company nutritionist. Her comprehensive knowledge of nutrition has been vital to the successful launch of healthy snacks. Jessica is focused, hard working, collaborative and creative in her role. I look forward to continuing to work with Jessica on future innovation projects. 

Grace O'Sullivan, Product Developer at - August 29, 2012