Teaching people a handful of healthy eating principles that can be applied in everyday situations is key to supporting long-term health. I achieve this via the delivery of talks, interactive workshops and healthy cooking skills demonstrations to mixed audiences at gyms, support groups, charities and schools. These sessions provide a cost-effective means of making great nutritional information accessible by translating complex issues into readily comprehendible and practical solutions.

Some of the talks I currently run include:

  • The perfect plate  dissecting the plate, what is essential and what isn’t? This talk looks at macro nutrition: proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Organic vs non organic - is it worth the extra expense? How bad is non-organic and how worthwhile is organic?
  • The supplement world - should we be taking supplements or can you get everything you need from food?
  • Energy – how to keep it on an even keel throughout the dayGI/ GL,  energy robbers, measuring blood sugar levels. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas to maximise energy levels.
  • 10 tips for keeping healthy in the workplace - top tips to keep healthy whilst leading a sedentary job.
  • 10 ways to boost your immune system every day - roles of the immune system, signs of a compromised immune system and tips to restore it back to health again.
  • 10 ways to support your digestionroles of the digestive system, signs of a compromised digestive system and tips to restore it back to health again to include targeted supplements, tests and food ideas.
  • 10 ways to include fruit and vegetables into your dayhighlighting the benefits of fruits and vegetables, super vegetables, recipes to include fruits and vegetables into snacks, smoothies and everyday meals.
  • 10 healthy breakfast ideas to make in 10 easy minutes  

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What past listeners have to say…

I have know Jess for just over 9 months and can testify that she is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist full of great advice and ideas all expressed in a very personable, enthusiastic and professional manner. I attended a talk she gave about Ph values which was quite an eye opener and made all the more easy to understand by her jargon free and clear way of communicating the talk was also quite interactive and involved the smapling of some delicious juices she had put together – who new healthy could be so lovely! 

Samantha Lawton, Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist - October 30, 2013

Ultimate City Fitness have had the pleasure of working with Jess Scott for about a year now. The business relationship initially began with referring clients to her for specific nutritional work beyond our field of expertise however we often do talks and seminars on the subject of health and wellness in the City of London and beyond and Jess adds an extra element to these events. She has a knack of getting the important message across to the audience and people resonate really well with her and her message.


People walk away feeling empowered in that they are now armed with easy to apply nutritional information, or factors and engrained habits they can change now that she has exposed them. I particularly like how she dispels certain nutritional myths, replacing them with the fascinating truth.


We would highly recommend her and feel she adds a great dimension to an event or talking alone! 

Tom Dyer, Co-Owner Ultimate City Fitness - October 25, 2013

 Jess Scott presented at our National Conference in Bournemouth this year. She was professional, informative and engaging, the audience left with an array of quality tips on how to improve their health.

Tony Derbyshire, Ruby Director at USANA Health Sciences- October 21, 2013

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If you think your organisation might benefit from a group talk, workshop or cooking demonstration, please provide an outline of your requirements via the contact form on the Contact & Bookings page of this website, and I will be in touch to discuss your needs in further detail.

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