Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions not on this list, please contact me by filling out the contact form on the Contact & Bookings” page.

Where are your clinics?
I have a clinic in Mayfair and Clapham. I also offer remote consultations via Skype or by telephone and for those living in and around the London area that are unable to travel, a home visit can be arranged (please contact me before booking).
Do you offer home visits?
Yes, home visits can be arranged for those unable to attend the clinic. There may be an additional fee to cover travel expenses incurred so do contact me before booking to confirm.
Do you offer Skype or telephone consultations?
For those unable to attend my clinic, I offer remote consultations by telephone or Skype, however please contact me before booking to confirm, as with certain health issues this may vary.
What is nutritional therapy?
Nutritional Therapy is about identifying what the underlying causes are for your symptoms and using science and food as a tool, helping you to counteract the root causes of your symptoms and ultimately restore your body back to a state of wellness. Never under-estimate your body’s natural power to heal itself, the human body is an astonishingly clever machine. The right food and supplements help things run that little bit smoother and put your body back on the right path when it’s gone off the health rails.
What does a consultation involve?
Working with you on a one-to-one basis, we build a practical and bespoke eating and lifestyle plan centred around your own personal set of health concerns. Prior to the consultation you will be sent a nutritional questionnaire which includes a three-day food diary and a comprehensive review of your health symptoms, lifestyle and goals. This is to be completed and sent to me before our consultation so that our session together can be spent on explaining how your current diet and lifestyle may be affecting your symptoms and then building a nutritional programme together to address these symptoms. I believe that re-education is key for long term health, so will always explain to you why I’m recommending the foods I’m recommending.
What conditions can nutritional therapy support?
Whether you’ve got concerns with weight loss or weight gain, digestive issues (IBS, constipation, bloating, indigestion) or hormonal imbalance (skin break outs, PCOS, fertility, depression, anxiety), or you’d like to seek nutritional support whilst suffering an illness, ensuring your body is getting the right nutrition is key to rebalance and lasting change. Nutritional Therapy can also be used to peak body performance, both physically and mentally so if you already have a sound state of health but wish to strive to be that bit better at what you do then nutrition can optimize your health. For more information please see How Nutrition Can Help. 
Do you recommend diagnostic tests?
Laboratory tests can be a very useful tool in order to develop a more targeted protocol and so I often recommend their use, finance permitting. Your nutrition and supplement programme is then specifically designed around your own biochemical profile, which makes for a completely bespoke plan.
Do you recommend supplements?
Supplements can really strengthen a programme and deliver therapeutic doses of nutrients to help replenish nutrient supplies and correct underlying deficiencies. There will therefore be occasions where supplements will be recommended however, I always prioritise food over supplements. If you are uncomfortable about taking supplements and would prefer to go down the 100% food route then we can discuss this and your programme will be adapted to compensate for this.
Is it safe to see a nutritional therapist if I am on prescription medication?
Part of the questionnaire you fill out prior to the consultation includes declaring any prescription medications you are currently taking. With this information, as a qualified Nutritional Therapist I am able to identify any drug-nutrients interactions and ensure that my recommendations comply with your medication.
Will I have to change my diet?
In order to get a different result (e.g. relieved digestive discomfort, more energy) you need to try something different, so yes the likelihood is our plan will involve dietary changes. However I will always take your culinary preferences and lifestyle into account and supply you with recipes and food brand suggestions when required to make the transition as smooth and hassle free as possible and to help make your new eating habits stick.
Will my programme be difficult to follow?
Each food plan is personally calibrated to my client’s lifestyle, culinary likes and dislikes and any budget or time restraints, so no, it isn’t hard to follow. All I ask for is focus from you and I will try to make the health transition as smooth as possible. If you recognise yourself as someone that finds it hard to make changes and stick to programmes then we can schedule a weekly call session or I can email or text you certain times of the day to send you reminders and give you a helpful prod!
How many consultations will I need?
The number of follow-ups will be determined by your initial state of health and your rate of progress however on average clients require two to three consultations at four weekly intervals. If lab tests are recommended, a separate appointment will be necessary to discuss the results and adapt the plan accordingly.
What payment methods do you accept?
I accept cash on the day, Paypal or a BACS transfer in advance of your consultation. My payment details will be sent to you along with your nutrition questionnaire before our consultation.
What is your cancellation policy?
I accept that unexpected things happen and that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled and re-scheduled. However due to clinic commitments I ask that you give me at least 48 hours notice. Cancellations received later than 48 hours prior to the appointment will mean that the booking fee of £25 is non refundable.
Are my personal details kept confidential?
Your personal information is always kept strictly confidential. I retain a hard and soft copy of all of our correspondence for my records only and where relevant, and only with your prior consent I will keep your GP informed about our programme. This is as far as your details travel.